Positivity in a Jar

Positivity in a Jar

I saw a photo floating around Facebook last week where people write down the positives in their lives and put them away in a mason canning jar.  These notes are then read at the end of the year.  I loved the idea, but I decided I wanted to do a “kid friendly” version. Teaching my [...]

Inspire Hope – Posy Lane – Embroidered Tote Bag Review

Posy Lane Review

  Today, I am excited to share with you a family run business out of Texas called Posy Lane.  Posy Lane started in 2007 by the Barton family so they could stay home and work while they raised their son.  Posy Lane specializes in unique personalized gifts.  I have one of their fabulous two toned [...]

Yoga and Other Evils of Satan

Yoga Devil

One of my primary hobbies these days is fitness.  I exercise nearly daily for a number of reasons, which include better health for my family, myself, and not the least is I feel great throughout the day compared to when I slack off for more than a few days.  Within my exercise program, I use [...]

The Power of Prayer

Tristan Sleeps

This past week on my personal Facebook page I asked for prayer from my friends and family for something of which I could not divulge the details.  I was overwhelmed by the likes and the comments of “done”, “praying”, “thinking of you, hope everything is okay!” and so on.  After lots of prayer on my [...]

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


With the New Year underway, do you have your resolutions set?  Do you have your list of positive life-style changes you want to make this year?  I have never been a person who makes New Year’s resolutions simply because resolutions seem all or nothing.  I know it is human nature to want to start fresh [...]