Paper Plate Ground Hog Craft

Paper Plate Ground Hog Craft

  Ground Hog Crafting Fun To celebrate Ground Hog Day we made a paper plate ground hog craft it is simple, easy, and everyone in the family can join in and have fun. Materials Needed: Three paper plates 2 white pom poms Paint: black, tan, and brown Glue Brown or black pen Two Paint Brushes [...]

Valentine’s Day Heart Hand Print Craft

Valentine's Day Heart Hand Print Craft

Valentine’s is a great time of year to craft with your kids.  There are so many fun crafting ideas out there you can do and especially if you like the colors red, purple, and pink.  My girls and I have been busy crafting away making all kinds of fun things from the tree craft to [...]

Valentine’s Day Tree Craft

Valentine's Day Tree Craft

My girls and I love to craft.  We use all kinds of materials to craft, from egg cartons, paper towel rolls and boxes that become pirate ships, airplanes, and other neat creations.  This Valentine’s Day tree craft is simple, easy, and fun. Hand Print Keepsake Valentine’s Day Craft Materials Needed: A plain piece of white [...]

Personalized Pumpkin Art

Personalized Pumpkin Art

This past week my kids and I took the entire Monday to do nothing but art projects.  I love Fall and I needed some new decorations to spice up my mantle and other areas of my home.  I love to decorate with art made by my kids like here and here.  One of my favorite [...]

Fall Crayon Stained Glass Art Craft

Fall Crayon Stained Glass Art Craft

I love to create with crayons.  This summer my kids and I created melted crayon canvas art.  The art work turned out so beautiful I now have their pieces of art framed and hanging on my bedroom wall.  Today’s post uses melted crayon again, but this time it is stained glass crayon art! Yesterday I [...]

Painted Water Color Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

Painted Water Color Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft

Right before Mother’s Day the kids and I did this adorable flower coffee filter flower craft by Hands On As We Grow.  My kids loved painting the filters and getting paint all over.  We had extra painted filters left over so the kids and I made butterflies.  They are super easy to do and as [...]

Butterfly Painted Feet Craft

Butterfly Feet Craft

I love to craft with my kids and the messier the better.  My baby girl Ayla was not born in a hospital, but at home.  I wanted her little feet stamped like the rest of my kids for her baby book.  Instead of stamping her feet I came up with this cute spring craft using [...]

Melted Crayons Abstract Art Craft

Melted Crayon

Last week one of my friends posted a photo on their Facebook Timeline of their son blow drying crayons on a canvas.  I loved the idea so much I had to try it with my kids and show you how to create your own melted crayons abstract art craft too. What you need to get [...]

Earth Day Flowering Tree Craft

Earth Day

Yesterday my kids begged for a craft and I  knew Earth Day was coming up soon.  Trees and recycling immediately came to mind when I thought of Earth Day.  It is funny how I even came up with this flowering tree idea in the first place.  I remembered earlier in the day my daughter Keira [...]

Easter Egg Wind Chime Craft

Easter Egg Chime

Now that Easter is over and my family has gone back home.  I have a lot of plastic Easter eggs lying around creating a cluttered mess in my home.  Rather than throw the eggs away or recycle them my kids and I created an Easter egg wind chime craft that was easy and cute.   [...]