My Journey Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness

Thank you all for your overwhelming support of my recently popular post on how to clean my truck’s upholstered seats.  Many of you e-mail me and ask why I have not posted in several months.  Others continually ask me to please come back and blog, because they love what I share.  Well, you asked for it […]

35 Things About Me on My 35th Birthday!

35 Things About Me on My 35th Birthday!

Yep two birthdays right in a row.  I made sure last year to walk my baby out before it was the 6th of December because no mom should have to share her birthday, let alone their child.  I thought it might be fun to tell you 35 things about me, as a way to get […]

How to Properly Train a Housewife

Trained Housewife-3

It is just a guess, but I assume I do not have a large audience of husband or dad readers on this blog.  I do appreciate all the nice feedback I received in emails and on the post itself for my article on how family can use outdated information to make judgments about later interactions […]