Geography: Map Making Fun!

Geography: Map Making Fun!

I love to make learning come alive and change up the ordinary to make it a wonderful learning experience.  It is fun to watch my children learn and grow through the act of play. One of my children’s favorite subjects is geography.  I am teaching my kids the basics of geography: directional signs, what maps […]

DIY Felt Board Tutorial, DIY Felt Board

Two years ago I decided to pull my little boy Tristan out of pre-school because of ongoing problems in the classroom with another child.  Even though my son was only three, I decided to start home schooling him.  I bought a calendar set, and I laminated it because my son notoriously destroys everything in his […]

Teach Your Child How To Swim at Home

Teach Your Child How To Swim At Home

I grew up taking swimming lessons practically every summer as a small child. Now that I have children, learning to swim is a must for them also.  My husband and I are on a tight budget, and the distance to drive 30+ minutes one-way makes formal swimming lessons not feasible for our children. Learning to […]