Having Fun with Momma’s Meals


Today I have Tammi from  Momma’s Meals  and she is cooking up a storm over on her blog.    Every Friday Tammi has “Feature Fridays” on her blog where she whips up a fabulous and yummy recipe from another blogger like myself and then gives her tasty review.  I am tickled pink that Tammi is reviewing […]

Ginger Coconut Seafood Curry

Inspired-Housewife: Ginger Coconut Seafood Curry

Thai Inspired Ginger Coconut Seafood Curry My husband and I love Thai food, but where we live finding a good Thai restaurant is next to impossible.  Luckily for me my hubby loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen.  A few months ago he brought home some imitation crab meat and whipped up this fabulous […]

Chicken Coconut Crock Pot Curry

Chicken Curry Crock Pot

As a busy mother of three I have a love affair with my crock pot.  My crock pot allows me to cook healthy and yummy dinners for my family and saves me from ordering out.  One of the foods I love to cook are curries.  We make a curry similar to this on the stove, […]

Tomato-Based Coconut Chicken Curry

Tomato-Coconut Chicken Curry

This is a gluten-free chicken curry recipe the entire family loves, and it is probably one of our favorite gluten-free recipes.  The great thing about curries is many are naturally already gluten-free, so we eat lots of different types around our house.  This is a tomato-based curry with coconut milk, and is a sweeter type […]