Time to Take Care of You – Special Needs Mom Support!

Time to Take Care of You - Special Needs Mom Support!

When I signed up to be a mom I dreamed it would be magical and everything lovely. It was magical, but also very rough. My first baby, a boy named Tristan was born unhealthy and I struggled to keep him alive his first year of life. You can read more here about my son at […]

Special Needs Mommy Meltdown

Special Needs Mommy Meltdown

Being a special needs parent is hard physically, emotionally, and it is draining.  Being that we are a military family and move a lot we do not have the support of close family or friends, so a majority of my son’s care has fallen on my shoulders. Sometimes I will admit I wish I was […]

Stand Up and Say No To Bullies


The top story this week is about a New Jersey father Stuart Chiafetz, who says his 10-year-old son Akian who has autism was tormented for at least six months by his public school special education teacher and aide. The father sent his son wired to school and the six hour recorded audio that came back “changed […]

Autism Awareness One Apron At A Time


A few weeks ago I ordered a tailored made autism awareness apron from Fried Green Aprons a family run business.  I received my apron and I LOVE the apron so much I have to share the talented Lynne, Joan, and Judy – sewers, artists, and co-owners extraordinaires of Fried Green Aprons with you.  These wonderful […]

Inexpensive Chewable Tubing for Oral Fixation


Lately I feel like we take two steps forward and one or more steps back sensory wise with our son Tristan.   My recent pregnancy was hard on me physically.  Mentally and emotionally drained I became a reactive parent, rather than one who responds with firm calmness.  Tristan began to bite his nails which is not […]