Stand Up and Say No To Bullies


The top story this week is about a New Jersey father Stuart Chiafetz, who says his 10-year-old son Akian who has autism was tormented for at least six months by his public school special education teacher and aide. The father sent his son wired to school and the six hour recorded audio that came back “changed [...]

Autism Awareness One Apron At A Time


A few weeks ago I ordered a tailored made autism awareness apron from Fried Green Aprons a family run business.  I received my apron and I LOVE the apron so much I have to share the talented Lynne, Joan, and Judy – sewers, artists, and co-owners extraordinaires of Fried Green Aprons with you.  These wonderful [...]

Inexpensive Chewable Tubing for Oral Fixation


Lately I feel like we take two steps forward and one or more steps back sensory wise with our son Tristan.   My recent pregnancy was hard on me physically.  Mentally and emotionally drained I became a reactive parent, rather than one who responds with firm calmness.  Tristan began to bite his nails which is not [...]

For Tristan’s Eyes Only!

Up Periscope

Today, my post is dedicated to my son Tristan. In celebration of National Autism Awareness Month, I created something on this blog for him to enjoy. I think perhaps only he will understand and experience the true joy of this post. Thanks Dieselducy! Tristan, I hope you enjoy this post! Perhaps there are a few [...]

Autism Awareness and the Use of Social Stories

Social Stories

Autism is very near and dear to my heart.  Some of you already know my five year old son Tristan was given the diagnosis of PDD-NOS right after his third birthday.  Even before the autism diagnosis we went through many hurdles medically and physically.  My son’s diagnosis does not define him or who he is as [...]

A is for April and Autism – Just Say It Already! Oh, and Awareness

World Autism Day

When I heard Amee planned to dedicate a series of posts to autism awareness throughout the month of April, I thought it was a great idea.  In America, April is National Autism Awareness Month, and April 2nd is designated as World Autism Awareness Day.  With the apparent increase of this condition in America to a [...]

THAT Screaming Child Is NOT Beaten!

Child Is Autistic Pin

I am not a confrontational person by nature, but today a guy is lucky to be left standing.  My son Tristan who has autism is noise sensitive, and he cannot tolerate the cries of his new baby sister Ayla.  Anytime she makes a sound, he has a complete meltdown.  He has a sensory overload with many sounds, [...]

My Son with Autism Can Read A Book!

Bob Book

A couple of nights ago before dinner, my five year old son Tristan asked me to read a Bob Book from his ABA therapy box.  I was tired and in a hurry, but sat down on our tan cushioned folding chair in the therapy room, and I told him to read the book to me instead.  [...]

The Inspiration of Tristan

Tristan in Daddy's hat

This past summer, I wrote an inspiration I had about Tristan.  I received much positive feedback from it, and so I re-post it here in my blog in edited form to share with those who have not read it.   June 5, 2011 – Friday night as I walked with my family on the boardwalk, I [...]

Scentsy Supports Autism Research and Awareness

Scentsy Piece by Piece warmer

Two years ago this month, our son was diagnosed with autism.  Since then, I constantly seek out new products to aid in his developmental growth as well as support companies who promote research and awareness of autism spectrum disorder.  Many companies, and society in general, still do not comprehend the magnitude and urgency associated with [...]