Scentsy Supports Autism Research and Awareness

Scentsy Piece by Piece warmerTwo years ago this month, our son was diagnosed with autism.  Since then, I constantly seek out new products to aid in his developmental growth as well as support companies who promote research and awareness of autism spectrum disorder.  Many companies, and society in general, still do not comprehend the magnitude and urgency associated with the ever-increasing number of children with autism.  This will have a huge impact on America as more and more children like my son get older and need care or therapy throughout adulthood.

One company who supports autism research, of whom I had never heard about until early this past fall, is Scentsy.  This company creates a wickless version of a candle whereby scented wax is melted on warmers by a light bulb.

As a mother of young children, scented candles are not part of my home décor due to the dangers associated with potential home fires.  I was intrigued with the Scentsy products, and discovered every six months the Scentsy company selects a charity to showcase in its catalog.  Scentsy chose to work with Autism Speaks, and created a wickless warmer called “Piece by Piece”.  All proceeds from the sales of every Piece by Piece warmer goes to Autism Speaks to promote greater research and awareness in autism.  This excited me as a mother of a son with autism, because I wanted to support this company in their effort.  I purchased the Piece by Piece warmer, along with several scents to try out.  My son was so excited when the warmer arrived, because he loves puzzles.  Since my first purchase I bought a couple more different warmers.  My son loves all the scents, and just sits with them all laid out so he can smell them one by one.  They seem to calm him.

Scentsy Piece by Piece warmerDue to the limited-edition nature of these Piece by Piece warmers, I thought they were no longer available.  I learned just two days ago Scentsy still has a few more Piece by Piece warmers left to sell, but they are not in the current catalog.  The Scentsy company moved on to showcase their next charitable cause of The Ronald McDonald House charity for the next six month period.

I love to support companies whose values and beliefs reflect those of mine, and who aid in charitable causes like Autism Speaks.  Scentsy and its consultants took to heart this cause and raised $533,880, and presented a check in a ceremony (video).  That is a lot of Piece by Piece warmers!  I would like to see the entire close-out section of the Piece by Pieces warmers sold so their profits can also be added to the half-million already raised.  This can only bring more research and awareness to people like my son Tristan who have autism.  Please place your order soon for one of the last Piece by Piece warmers that remain.
Disclaimer:  I do not sell Scentsy products, nor am I associated otherwise with the company.  Please see my standard blog disclaimer below.

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    I have my Piece by Piece warmer in the living room and I love it! :) I was very excited to share this page with everyone I could, I am excited about positive exposure for Autism anywhere and everywhere!!! Thank you!!!! XO

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