Nutella Banana Sushi

Inspired-Housewife: Nutella Banana Sushi {Gluten Free}

I love bananas and I love sushi!  When I saw this cute banana sushi pin on Pinterest, I got excited, until I clicked through to the recipe and saw they used wheat bread.  We eat gluten free as a family for my son Tristan and gluten free bread does not and would not wrap around a banana like wheat bread does.  I tried to make some banana sushi using rice tortillas, but it did not work and the tortilla broke it was a messy disaster.

Then last weekend I told my kids I would make them pancakes and as I cooked them on the griddle a light bulb went off in my head.  Why not make some super thin pancakes like crepes?   I used Pamela’s Pancake Mix and only added some more water to thin out the batter.

Inspired-Housewife: Nutella Banana Sushi {Gluten Free}

And . . .  It worked! My kids loved them, my hubby thought I was creative, but the best part was slathering on the rich chocolate Nutella spread.  We LOVE Nutella in this house my kids would eat an entire jar if you let them with a spoon in one setting.  Making the Nutella banana sushi was easy and fun to do with my kids.


Nutella Banana Sushi


  • Pancakes from any mix thinned out like crepes or better yet make crepes!
  • Nutella or use honey or peanut butter, really anything that is sticky to roll them in that suits your taste buds.
  • Banana (the longer the better because small bananas have more of a curve to them and they are harder to wrap.)

Inspired-Housewife: Nutella Banana Sushi {Gluten Free}


  1. Take a cooled thin crepe like pancake and spread your Nutella all over generously.
  2. Then take a banana and lay it on one end of the pancake and slowly roll the pancake around it.
  3. Take a sharp knife and cut sections about 1 inch thick and place carefully on a serving plate.

The banana sushi is easy to make and super yummy.  The sushi is a great snack, dessert or even a special treat at breakfast for your family.  You can make the sushi as healthy as you want them to be.  Enjoy!





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    • says

      They are as yummy as they look and if it gets people to say “Hey I ate sushi!” then I guess it is all good. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      :) Amee

  1. Kay Morris says

    At 75 years of age changing to a gluten free diet is hard. I do a lot of baking for the enjoyment of others and it is hard to not be able to eat it yourself. Any easy recipes are appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Kay,

      Yes change can be hard and I am still learning almost three years into it. You can find all my gluten free recipes here also if you are Pinterest I have lots of wonderful recipes on several boards that are gluten free or can be made gluten free with some modification. I am working on a post that I hope to get up the beginning of next month about gluten free eating.




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