Melted Crayons Abstract Art Craft

Melted Crayon Art

Last week one of my friends posted a photo on their Facebook Timeline of their son blow drying crayons on a canvas.  I loved the idea so much I had to try it with my kids and show you how to create your own melted crayons abstract art craft too.

What you need to get started:

Box of crayons (amount is determined by how big your canvas is)

A canvas (you can get a canvas at any craft store or even Walmart sells a pack of two small ones)

Packing tape to secure your crayons to your canvas.

Blow dryer

Newspaper, wax paper or drop cloth to catch the melted crayon

Melted Crayon ArtMelted Crayon Art

How to start:

I started this project in my house, but with my kids helping the melted crayons sprayed everywhere.  I suggest doing this outside or using a drop cloth to protect your walls and floors.  You will want to put newspaper or wax paper under your canvas to also protect whatever surface you use to blow the crayons on.  I used a kid friendly art easel to set our canvas on to make our craft.  Play clothes are a must as melted crayons are hard to get out of the clothes, please take it from me I ruined a pair of pants due to this craft.

At the top of your canvas lay crayons evenly going corner to corner.  Once you have done this take your packing tape and tape across the front of the crayons, securing the tape to the back of the canvas.  Then set your canvas against whatever surface you choose and start blow drying.  The first canvas we did I simply laid it against the easel, but lots of the melted crayons built up at the bottom creating a big mountain of crayon.  The second canvas I taped to the easel allowed the melted crayon to drip off onto my wax paper below, giving a different artistic effect.

Melted Crayon Art

There is no right or wrong way to do this, but I find it works best if you melt the crayons from the bottom up.  This art project is fun and now my kids each have a beautiful framed piece of melted crayons abstract art they created.

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