Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath Tutorial

Inspired-Housewife: Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath Tutorial - If she can do it - A MUST TRY!!

I said it before and I will say it again I am NOT the crafty type at all.  Crafting scares me because I am no Martha, but the other week I happened to be with my three children in the craft aisle and there it was staring me straight in the face.  I paced back and forth a couple of times wondering if I could really use such a device and create beautiful with it.  After another minute of thought I grabbed it and threw it into my cart.  After almost 35 years I was a glue gun virgin.  I know GASP!  How could I not have ever touched a glue gun?  I am not sure of that answer probably dumb luck, but now that I have a glue gun I will NEVER go back.  “Glue guns rock!” as one of my girlfriends said to me when I posted I finally took the crafting plunge to  my personal Facebook wall.

Inspired-Housewife: Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath Tutorial - If she can do it - A MUST TRY!!
Glue guns not only glue, but they create lots of excitement for children and yes a few burnt fingers, but all in all I am now in love.  Yep my glue gun and me got along nicely and today I am over the moon to share with you my very FIRST ever craft using my glue gun.  I had a twig wreath from one of my local dollar stores lying around catching dust and a couple of boxes of ornaments I had in a box to donate.  I decided to make an easy DIY Christmas ornament wreath tutorial to show you how even you can do this and have creative success.


  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Wreath of some kind I used a twig one, but you could also use anything really a picture frame, a pool noodle first covered in fabric, anything!!
  • Ornaments

Inspired-Housewife: Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath Tutorial - If she can do it - A MUST TRY!!
The DIY:

  1. I randomly selected ornaments based on what I had and I would first put hot glue on the wreath and then place my ornament where I wanted it positioned.  Once dried in place I would check to see if there were any other areas touching that needed glue and added in more glue.
  2. I then did the same thing adding in the next ornament, but also put a little dab of glue between each ornament connecting them together.
  3. I kept doing this until I had ornaments clear around the wreath and last-minute I added in the accent ornament the peace star.  You do not have to add in an accent, but if you have a bow, or a spectacular ornament you can choose its’ placement.

There is nothing too it, but a few burnt fingers and lots of help from my kiddos.  Even Ayla my 11 month old helped me chew on a few ornaments and my other two helped glue ornaments in place.

If I can do this so can you!  It was easy and I used items from around my home, but this wreath can be made for less than $10 if you had to go and buy all the supplies minus the glue gun of course.  :)

Inspired-Housewife: Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath Tutorial - If she can do it - A MUST TRY!!

What favorite crafts you have created using your glue gun?  Comment Below!


Happy Holidays,



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    • says

      I take this as a HUGE compliment coming from you because you make some amazing wreaths Tanya. Thank you so much I have never really tried to craft always been intimidated, but needed a new wreath this year and thought hey why not going to give the stuff away anyways. My son is addicted to the gun so much so I have to hide the chord to plug it in or he would glue gun the house.

      Happy Holidays, :)

  1. Sherry Brown says

    Wow! This is soooo pretty!! It looks easy enough even for ME to do! Think maybe I’ll go out and buy myself a glue gun! Been wanting an excuse to get one and this is it!

  2. Tonya says

    Lick your finger before you touch the glue. It stops the glue from sticking to your finger and you are burned, usually.

  3. Edie says

    Your wreath turned out nicely! Thanks for sharing.

    Whenever using a glue gun always have a bowl of water and ice with you. If you burn yourself, immediately submerge the burn in ice and water to stop the burning. Otherwise the glue can continue burning to deeper layers of skin resulting in a severe burn. I would recommend not allowing children to be anywhere near a hot glue gun as it is always tempting for them to reach out and grab anything that they see.

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