How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress!

How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress

If you have children, then you likely dealt with nighttime pee pee accidents.  I recently discovered a great way on how to get pee stains out of a mattress.  My son had peed in his toddler bed earlier this week and laundry piled up because of sickness in my house.  We have an extra twin-sized bed we usually only use for guests, but I let my son sleep in this bed for a couple of nights because his bedding was still nasty.  Yesterday, I pulled off the sheets to wash them, and to my dismay he also peed on the brand new mattress.  I was disgusted I had not previously noticed it and I was upset because mattresses are expensive.  So, I googled and found a lot of helpful advice, but most used harsh chemicals like pet pee sprays, or some even suggested throwing some Borax on the mattress.  I was not comfortable with putting either on, because chemicals like Borax, while a good washing agents, could be toxic.  I found a question and answer forum where a man from the United Kingdom asked the question of how to remove pee stains from a mattress.  Someone suggested using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda which seemed to simple, but it works!

How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress


Getting Started:

You need a measuring cup, tablespoon, funnel, and spray bottle.

8 ounces/237 ml hydrogen peroxide 3% (this can be found in a brown bottle in the first aid aisle of most pharmacies or stores)

3 tablespoons/45 grams of baking soda

1 drop of liquid hand dish washing soap


Mix all ingredients into the spray bottle, swish ingredients, do not shake the bottle, and use within 20 minutes.  Do not attempt to store the leftover solution. because it will leak out of the bottle.  The mixture only works if you use it immediately, because the cleaning byproducts are active for only a short time period.  You should see the stain lift and disappear within 5-10 minutes.  Once the mattress dries, if a baking soda film remains, then simply wipe or vacuum it off.  Reports I read also indicate this method works well for pet urine stains, but I have not tested it yet in this capacity.

How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress


It is simple, safe and works great!  If your kids are like mine they usually have an army of stuffed animals in bed with them.  Here are my tips to wash the pee and grime safely off your stuffed animals and make them look and smell like new again.

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How to Get Pee Stains Out of a Mattress!
Recipe type: Stain Removal Tips
  • You need a measuring cup, tablespoon, funnel, and spray bottle.
  • 8 ounces/237 ml hydrogen peroxide 3% (this can be found in a brown bottle in the first aid aisle of most pharmacies or stores)
  • 3 tablespoons/45 grams of baking soda
  • 1 drop of liquid hand dish washing soap
  1. Mix all ingredients into the spray bottle, swish ingredients, do not shake the bottle, and use within 20 minutes. Do not attempt to store the leftover solution. because it will leak out of the bottle. The mixture only works if you use it immediately, because the cleaning byproducts are active for only a short time period. You should see the stain lift and disappear within 5-10 minutes. Once the mattress dries, if a baking soda film remains, then simply wipe or vacuum it off.

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    • says

      I thought for sure the mattress was ruined and I did not want to use harsh chemicals since people sleep on it. I could not believe how good this worked and I had a friend try it on dog pee and said it worked for her too. Hope you never have to use it on a bed, but I am going to try it on other stains in my house. :) Thanks for stopping by Libby. :) Amee

      • Marilyn says

        Amee – I cannot thank you enough for this information. We recently had a friend of ours visit for the weekend, and he is a patient at a nursing home. Long story short, he had an accident and the mattress looked ready to take to the facility that handles disposal of large things. He was so upset and embarrassed and my heart just ached for him. My heart also ached for me because I just didn’t have the money right now to go and buy a new mattress.

        I said my prayers, turned on my computer, went to Google and found you. I could not believe that I actually saw the stain dissipate right before my eyes. The funny thing (NOW) is that I was in Dollar Tree last week and just happened to pick up a bottle of peroxide. I don’t know why, but I just bought it.

        Thank you again, Amee, for this wonderful information that you so kindly shared. You’re an angel!!!!

      • Cheri says

        I’ve heard about hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner, very useful. But do you know if it will work on a TempurPedic foam mattress? I’m afraid to try it on a cat stain that soaked through the bedding and onto the mattress. I keep seeing in my head,this bubbling action as my bed dissolves…lol Any thoughts?

      • kris says

        Hi Amee I just wanted to point out that hydrogen peroxide is more toxic than borax! Borax is a naturally occurring mineral salt while hydrogen peroxode is a chemical compound.

        • RYan says

          Hydrogen peroxide, used in this manner, is not toxic. It quickly decomposes into water and oxygen gas, both (naturally) completely harmless. The decomposition is a chemical reaction that forms a very short-lived form of oxygen that can’t exist for more than a few seconds but in those seconds has a LOT of power to bleach things and cause the breakdown of various other chemicals. Thus, people have been known to bleach their hair and teeth with it … and the same reaction also acts effectively to break down cell membranes (including those on bacteria, which is why so many of us grew up with it on our scraped knees and elbows). A “cousin compound” is found in OxyClean. Don’t sweat using hydrogen peroxide for this purpose – borax has a lot more potential to be harmful.

        • Christa says

          Peroxide is in many things, Including your body . It’s way safe. Goggle it’s makeup if you are worried . My son was sick too and I had protective cover. The mess was so bad I just tossed everything. Before I could replace it, he wet the bed :( my bed lol thank you!!

        • Mark says

          Hydrogen peroxide is almost as natural as it gets; its formula is H2O2. Borax has the formula Na2B4O7·10H2O. I would feel just as safe, if not safer, using hydrogen peroxide. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is used in some pharmaceutically prepared mouthwashes.

      • Mary says

        My daughter had an accident about a week ago & I used our carpet cleaner and removed most of the stain, but when I walk in her room, it still smells like urine – will this solution take away the smell???

        • says

          Hi Gemma,

          Yeah sometimes it does not matter what a person does. Yes a bigger tube usually works because the baking soda clogs it. You could mix it in a bowl and pour over your stain. It might not work as well getting all over as sprayed, but better than nothing. People have then spread it with their hands or another cloth. Amee

      • K says

        Just an FYI–works on dog stains too. : I too got frustrated with the clogging spray bottles, and finally gave up and dumped it, and spread it out with my hands. I think I prob. need one more treatment (ran out of stuff), but it was a huge difference!

        • says

          I’m trying it now on a Vera Wang mattress I bought from someone,fot someone
          IT was kinda dark an I didn’t see the huge dog pee stains.They are probably old too!!but,I did 1of three spots today.Bottle did clog but I was prepared because I did as the other lady an poured away.It actually came out but its very stiff which is probably the baking soda.I’m going to do the rest tomorrow an will let you know.hopefully I can resale it nice an clean.which was more than I got.Thanks for this solution.I felt like a chemist with the funnel an pouring all the stuff in.will follow up with final results..thanks so nuch.

      • TheWetWeenie (It ain't what you think) says

        Greetings Amee – Tried your pee stain recipe. Thumbs up girlfriend!! When I think of all the concoctions I thought up in the past that just wasted my time and effort and never worked. Simple is as simple does. Thanxxxx

    • Mrs.Jennings says

      Hi amee, today im going to try the method you given. Ive search and try every thing,from clorox to oxi clean my mattress still didnt come clean..Now im trying your method…will let you see the rusults when finished…Thanks a concerned mom….

    • Donna Warfield Smith says

      I was surprised to see this and it is excellent for the stains, but I prize it even more as a bathwash for my dogs that get sprayed by a skunk.

      It does take out the skunk smell. I then top the bath off with a light conditioner or some Skin So soft oil.

    • Mary says

      Absolutely amazing! I have a brand new mattress and a young one who had an accident on it – I’m so happy the stain is gone!!! Yay! Thank you!!!

            • Gina says

              Hello, just a thought, hydrogen peroxide is considered unstable and deteriorates over time; which is the reason it is put in a dark bottle as opposed to clear. It might be a good idea to try this same treatment with newly bought hydrogen peroxide. Also, it is recommended tobsotrebin a cool dark place. I keep a smaller bottle in the bathroom for quick first aid access and I store a big bottle in my refrigerator. Hope you try it again. Nicole

    • Candice Wright says

      I Could not believe how efficent this was!!! I am soooooo excited!! I honestly didn’t think it would work this well… But I am in shock for real! Who thinks of this stuff lol

    • Sue says

      Aloha all,

      I just tried this on my white mattress 10 minutes ago and the matress immediately turned light tan wherever I sprayed… Will this color go away as it dries? I hope so because right now it looks worse than when I started. Keeping my fingers crossed X

    • Gail says

      Can’t believe this works! Tried it three times (letting it dry in between) and the third time is the charm! Each time
      it got lighter and lighter. Thanks so much for this awesome tip! :-)

    • Veronica says

      Really worked!!! woo-hoo-ooooo!I took pictures before and after .Great result.I wish I knew right away when it happened,the result would be even more perfect!

      thank you so much

    • Sherrie says

      Will this work on old pee stains? I tried different things when this first happened but nothing worked.

    • Kim says

      Guess what? A similar combination of these ingredients will eliminate the odor on a pet who has been sprayed by a skunk. This combo neutralizes the odor and the Dawn removes the oiliness of the skunk spray. My dog has been sprayed 3 times and it is the worst smell on the planet! But, within a moment of applying a mixture of these 3 things, the odor is neutralized, we shampoo her, and she is odor free!!!

    • Lorraine sterling says

      I have the sleep number bed . I love my grandchildren but I thought my cover was ruined by their pee accidents on my mattress . I tried the solution of peroxide, baking powder and liquid soap to remove the stain but was truly surprised when it actually worked . The stain is gone and the smell too with out any harsh chemicals . Thank you for the information

    • Bud says

      There were 3 pee stains on our new matress after our 2 grandchildren stayed over night with us on our new Mattress. We tried several methods to remove them, but to no avail. I came across your hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda and dish washing hand soap and a sprayer bottle….thought what the hell, nothing to lose. Mixed up the concoction according to your directions, sprayed the 3 spots….some were as old as a few months and some were a dark orange and I was skeptical. Anyways….after 10 minutes the stains seem to be disappering….I could not believe my eyes. After about 7 miuntes I gave them a second spray and left it. After 1 hour stains were still disapperaing and after 3 hours…ALL WERE COMPLETELY GONE!!
      I have since sent out this remedy to all my face book and email friends for their knowledge……Thanks so much for a great remedy….now no need to purchase a new matress as they are not cheap!!

      • says

        Hi Bud,
        Yeah so happy it saved your mattress and thank you for all the word of mouth sharing. So glad I can help others with my find for my own mattress issues.


      • says

        Hi Gina,

        Yep just spray and leave it on. The only thing you might want to do is vacuum up the residue of the baking soda after it dries.


  1. Susan Tydings Frushour says

    Of course……dug….never. thought of it for a mattress. That’s the best mix for skunk & dog and cat’s!!! Now you know….!

    • says

      Good to know about it being good for a skunk wish I had known this as a kid because our dogs always got sprayed! Thanks for the tip!

    • WB says

      Definitely the first choice for a pet who has been skunked!! Usually, the first instinct is to spray the dog with water to rinse the odor off. But because the skunk’s “scent” is actually an oil-based spray, using water will only spread the skunk smell further!

      I am about to try your reciepe on a mattress, and anxious to see how it works!

      For carpet stains, I typically use white vinegar in a spray bottle, followed by Dawn dishsoap (slightly diluted in one of the foaming handwash pump bottles.) Spray the vinegar on the area to be cleaned and let sit for a couple minutes. Then follow it with a pump of the Dawn dishsoap foam and brush into the carpet with a toothbrush or small fingernail brush (one with a small handle can be found at Sally Beauty Supply stores for about $1.) Blot the area with a dry, white towel, and repeat if necessary. Works every time!

      This combo has taken out ink stains, dirt, coffee, and even rust stains from a wire dog crate, on IVORY colored carpet! The rust stains had been there for years, and I hadn’t yet found a product that could take it out!

      Don’t know why I never thought of using this on the mattress as well!!!!

      • says

        Hi Wendy,

        I have heard this over and over about this working for a dog that is skunked. I currently do not own any dogs, only cats, but if anyone or anything in my family was skunked I would try this mixture.

        I hope the mixture works on your mattress and I am going to try your cleaning tip here very soon.

        Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving comment love.



  2. Sabrena says

    Thank you so much for this!! My son has been having problems with incontinence, so this will come in very handy!!

  3. Tony Hill says

    That same formula works great for neutralizing skunk odors. When our dog gets sprayed by a skunk we use this mixture in a spray bottle and spray him down, being careful not to let it get into his eyes, and the odor is neutralized..Not covered up, but neutralized..Works great..

    • says

      Thank you for the skunk tip have indoor cats now, but growing up had a best friend who had a pet skunk wish I could have sprayed her down lol.


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