How to Safely Clean Your LCD or Computer Screens

Inspired-Housewife:  How to Safely Clean Your LCD or Computer Screens, i-Phones, i-Pads, touch screen electronics

If your kids or even you have sticky fingers, then finger prints, food and dust can grime up your computer and LCD TV screens.  My husband and I recently donated our 150 pound glass screen monster TV and brought down our LCD flat screen from our master bedroom.  We try to keep our children from touching our TV and computer screens, but it still happens occasionally.

The other day our TV looked pretty grubby, and I looked through our manual on how to clean it, but the product I needed meant a trip to the store with the kids.  I researched and found that with two simple products you can safely and cheaply clean your electronic screens.

All you need is distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.  I know, you can give me the “Yeah Right!”  I love saving a trip to the store, and these two ingredients are about the same cost or less as the expensive cleaner at the store.

Inspired-Housewife:  How to Safely Clean Your LCD or Computer Screens, i-Phones, i-Pads, touch screen electronics

How to Safely Clean Your LCD or Computer Screen

The DON’TS of Cleaning Your LCD Screens:

  • NEVER use a rough hand towel, toilet paper, dusting cloth, or paper towels to clean your screen, because the roughness can scratch your LCD screen.
  • DO NOT touch your LCD screen, because it will shorten the lifespan of your screen.
  • NEVER use a window or abrasive cleaner on your TV screen as it can cause the screen to yellow and also damage it.
  • If a spot does not come off, do NOT rub harder, because you can kill some of your pixels and ruin your screen.
  • NEVER spray any cleaning solution directly onto your screen!  You could damage the inside of the monitor or screen.
  • NEVER clean your screen with it powered on, because it can ruin your screen.
  • NEVER wash your microfiber cloth once dirty in fabric softener or use a dryer sheet.

Inspired-Housewife:  How to Safely Clean Your LCD or Computer Screens, i-Phones, i-Pads, touch screen electronics

The DO’S for Safely Cleaning Your LCD Screens.

  • ONLY use clean soft microfiber cloths on your LCD TV or computer monitor screens – I have a package of microfiber clothes I keep around the house for other cleaning uses that  you can buy here.  The microfiber clothes are washable, soft and safe to use on your screens.
  • To clean the edges of your LCD screen use a clean cotton ball or swab.
  • ALWAYS clean your screen powered off!  (I know I said this above, but it is important enough to reiterate.)
  • ALWAYS spray directly onto your cleaning cloth and NEVER directly onto the LCD screen.


The Safe and Inexpensive Cleaning Mixture:

The rubbing alcohol to the distilled water is a 1 to 1 ratio.  I put 1/4 cup of isopropyl alcohol and 1/4 cup of distilled water into a spray bottle.  You do not need much mixed, because it does not take much to clean your screens.

Again, spray the solution DIRECTLY onto the clean soft microfiber cloths, NEVER DIRECTLY onto your screen.  Carefully wipe your screen, but Do NOT press hard, only enough to gently remove the grime to be cleaned.

It is simple, cheap and effective.  I am happy to have this in my cleaning arsenal.  I love it when inexpensive products like those used in my boiling water cleaner, my wall cleaner, and of course my urine mattress posts work so effectively.


Do you have any fabulous cleaning tips you could share with me?  Comment Below!






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    • says

      Hi Shannon,

      Oh thank you so much! I try to figure out better ways to clean without having to buy the expensive cleaners and leave my house. You are welcome! Amee

  1. says

    “How to Safely Clean Your LCD or Computer Screens” was indeed a great article, can not help but wait to read through a lot more of your postings.
    Time to waste a bit of time on the net hehe. Thanks for your time ,Korey

  2. Brooks says

    Thank you for posting! As a mother of 2 very active boys, I noticed my 1 month old flat screen has a lot of sticky fingers… Was about to do a day of cleaning, but then got too lazy! Thank goodness, I came across not only you tips on cleaning, but your whole website! I will be heading to the store tomorrow for distilled water! Thanks Amee!

    • says

      Hi Brooks,

      I totally understand I swear I am cleaning our living room TV at least once a month with all my kid finger prints. Glad you found my post and make sure the cloth does not have any fabric softener on it so it will not ruin your screen.

      :) Amee

  3. OneTiredMama says

    Wow! Wish I saw this sooner! You know I’ve done most of the donts right?! Now to get the right water…..

    • says

      Yeah this is something I learned a while back and it works really well and does not damage your screen. Glad this can help you and your electronics! :) Amee

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