Holiday Organization on a Budget

With Christmas past and the holiday season coming to a close, now is the time to cash in on all the fantastic post-holiday deals.  Holiday organization on a budget is always something I try to achieve.  I wait before I add anything new to my holiday decor until after the season has passed.  Wrapping paper, for example, can be very expensive, but if you hold out long enough and are not too picky with what is left, you can get huge rolls of paper for under a couple of dollars.  You can stock up on LED lights, table decor, ornaments, and sometimes you can even snatch a great deal on those huge blow up Christmas yard decorations and fake Christmas trees.

Holiday Organization on a Budget

Another reason to wait until after the season is you can get holiday containers much cheaper than usual for holding ornaments, wreaths, or even large storage containers for your fake Christmas tree.  One of the best deals that is easy on your budget after most holidays is the colored storage bins and containers for better organization.  A few years ago, I waited until most of the bins were around 90% off and bought about 10 red and green medium-sized storage bins.  I was tired of not locating all my decorations lying within obscurely marked boxes at the beginning of each holiday season.  I wanted a no fail way to store my holiday decor and also be able to find it easily each year.  In our storage room, you can now tell what storage bins are for what holiday.  The red and green bins all contain anything to do with Christmas, with green bins for all my Fall decor and grey for the summer months.  It makes finding stuff way easier and is also much more organized.

If you are a person who loves colorful matching holiday totes at a great bargain, then head out to the stores now to snatch those awesome deals.  When the next holiday season rolls around you just have to tell your helper “Oh just grab the red colored totes.”  It makes for a much happier holidays!  😉

Happy Holiday Organization on a Budget


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  1. says

    This is the first time I have heard a reason for using these kinds of bins. I generally just re-use large boxes which have come to me through various (free) means over the years. But, you are totally spot on about my not necessarily finding all of the Christmas boxes, even though I intend for them to all be located in a particular area.

    It is fresh in my mind that I spent a lot of time opening the same boxes over and over, wondering if that was another box of Christmas stuff… since I didn’t “feel like” I’d found “every” box yet.

    This also makes the “system” much more usable by my spouse and child, since it is not dependent on the boxes being put in the ill-defined “Christmas area”.

    I’m still hesitant to purchase things which I “already have in another form” (the boxes). But the idea of finding items versus them sitting unused (because I never found the particular box to bring up) – either for Christmas stuff, or camping stuff, or other one-time-a-year types of items – which may well result in purchasing duplicates.

    Thank you,

    • says

      Hi Cindy,

      My husband and I were purging and downsizing what we owned at the time I decided to do this. After that particular holiday season we went through everything we owned and most of it was in boxes just like you described. Some were pretty beat up from all the moves and others were still useable. We decided to cash in on the great deals and get harder boxes to help keep our ornaments from breaking because we move so much.

      It is something we do and have done for a couple of years and works really well for us. We have grey bins for all our childhood memorabilia stuff and colored bins for our kids clothing. There is an entire system around bins and their colors in this house, but like I said we move a lot.

      :) Amee

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