Gift of Life

Gift of Life
A few days ago on my personal Facebook timeline I shared something very personal.  I was at my computer and happened to look at the date and the time.  I realized it was the anniversary to my near death experience.  I always get a bit emotional on this day because I really feel I was saved that day because God has a plan for my life and a purpose I have yet to fulfill.  The response was overwhelming from all kinds of people and what was just me sharing from my heart inspired people.  I thought I would put it on my blog as well because maybe there is someone out there who needs to read what I wrote and see how life is truly a gift.

Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the gifts God has given me. Almost 14 years ago to the hour I lay in a hospital bed in Bozeman, MT. I had tubes coming out from every part of me and I wished for a gun to end my life because of the pain I was in.  It was the day before my wedding and I was in the ICU with septicemia.  My outlook was grim, my internal organs were shutting down one by one, and I was headed at the young age of 22 for cardiac arrest.  The doctors were already preparing Michael and my parents for the worst, a funeral instead of a wedding.   I remember going in and out of consciousness and wondering WHY this had to happen to me.   As my vitals got worse my grandmother went to a local church and there happened to be a service going on.   She ran up to the front stopping the pastor and asked if the church would pray for me right then.   That was 11 am the church congregation stopped everything started praying for me.   At the very moment they started to pray it was like a switch clicked on and what looked as if I was on deaths doorstep did a complete turn around.   I was granted the gift of life.

I will never forget that day, as long as, I live. Even 14 years later . . . Amee


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I am Amee, a housewife, mother, food lover, and DIY cleaner. I am a special needs parent and a woman's health advocate. I love my cats, shoes, chocolate, and Superman.
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  1. Beth essington says

    I’m so sorry you had to go through such a terrible experience, but I’m so glad you made it through. I don’t know that I believe that everything happens for a purpose, but I do believe that things like that definitely mold you as a person for the future. You probably have a wonderful outlook on life now, since you got to stick around. I had cancer and recovered and I wake up happy every day just because I’m here!!! Take care of yourself.

    • says

      Hi Beth,

      Yep I have had a different outlook on life. I cannot say that I wake up happy everyday like you, but when I get down I have to remind myself that i am on borrowed time. At least that is how I feel and so I try to live my life in a way that each day has meaning. I am so thankful you kicked cancers butt to the curb and are still able to enjoy your life.

      :) Amee

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