DIY Low Track Cat Litter Box

DIY Low Track Cat Litter Box

A Purrr-fect Solution . . .

I am a cat lover, and I currently have two beautiful cats, but I detest my cat’s litter box. I struggled for years with the mess created by my cats’ litter box.  How do you keep the litter where it belongs and eliminate the tracking mess? In the past, I tried all different kinds of cat litter boxes from the basic box to the dome type.  Recently, however, I created my own DIY low track cat litter box that is not only inexpensive to make, but also easy. Simulaneously, it keeps the smells at bay and the litter from being tracked around the house.

DIY Low Track Cat Litter Box

Materials Needed:

A 18 gallon tote or larger with a lid, a medium-sized dinner plate, a sharpie, and box cutter or sharp knife.


Place the lid on the tote and put plate on one end of the lid. Take your sharpie marker and trace around your plate to create a circle template on the lid.

Take the box cutter and carefully cut out the part of the lid marked by the sharpie line.  This circle becomes the opening for your cat to crawl in and out of the tote. Once the hole is cut, fill tote with cat litter and place lid on top.

Its that easy! The tote does not leak, nearly all of the tracked litter is captured on top of the lid, and the tote is easy to clean out.  I have now used my DIY low track cat litter box pictured for over five months, and it really keeps the litter where it should be.  If you have more than one cat you can either get separate totes or buy a bigger tote.

Cost:  Roughly $9.  No messy litter box:  Priceless!

DIY Low Track Cat Litter Box

Do you have any cool tips or solutions to share about what you use for your cat’s litter box?

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    • says

      Hi Sarah,

      That is correct. Cats quickly figure out what they need to do and can get in and out very well. Our cats were fine within a day with the new litter arrangement.


  1. Christine says

    Sounds like a great idea! I’m definitely going to give this a shot. For anyone that has dogs that, for some reason, like the kitty doo doo; this should stop them from getting at it too. Thx a bunch Amee!!

    • says

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks so much I hope it works out for you. Yeah thankfully I have never had a dog who loved cat poop, but they were only outdoor dogs when growing up so who knows what they ate.


    • says

      Hi Kathleen,

      I do not put anymore litter in that box than I would a regular one or a round sized one. Only the sides are up taller so when you have the lid the cat has room to move.

      :) Amee

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