For Tristan’s Eyes Only!

Up Periscope

Today, my post is dedicated to my son Tristan. In celebration of National Autism Awareness Month, I created something on this blog for him to enjoy. I think perhaps only he will understand and experience the true joy of this post. Thanks Dieselducy! Tristan, I hope you enjoy this post! Perhaps there are a few […]

Yoga and Other Evils of Satan

Yoga Devil

One of my primary hobbies these days is fitness.  I exercise nearly daily for a number of reasons, which include better health for my family, myself, and not the least is I feel great throughout the day compared to when I slack off for more than a few days.  Within my exercise program, I use […]

Who Needs A Dog When Kids Do The Trick?

Tristan Dog Bone

While I was in veterinary school at Michigan State University, I owned a dog.  She was no ordinary dog, but the most intelligent dog I ever owned.  I named her Brenna, and she was a Black Labrador Retriever I purchased as a puppy from a local breeder who raised bird dogs.  When I picked her […]

How to Properly Train a Housewife

Trained Housewife-3

It is just a guess, but I assume I do not have a large audience of husband or dad readers on this blog.  I do appreciate all the nice feedback I received in emails and on the post itself for my article on how family can use outdated information to make judgments about later interactions […]