For Tristan’s Eyes Only!

Up Periscope

Today, my post is dedicated to my son Tristan. In celebration of National Autism Awareness Month, I created something on this blog for him to enjoy. I think perhaps only he will understand and experience the true joy of this post. Thanks Dieselducy! Tristan, I hope you enjoy this post! Perhaps there are a few […]

Yoga and Other Evils of Satan

Yoga Devil

One of my primary hobbies these days is fitness.  I exercise nearly daily for a number of reasons, which include better health for my family, myself, and not the least is I feel great throughout the day compared to when I slack off for more than a few days.  Within my exercise program, I use […]

Who Needs A Dog When Kids Do The Trick?

Tristan Dog Bone

While I was in veterinary school at Michigan State University, I owned a dog.  She was no ordinary dog, but the most intelligent dog I ever owned.  I named her Brenna, and she was a Black Labrador Retriever I purchased as a puppy from a local breeder who raised bird dogs.  When I picked her […]

How to Properly Train a Housewife

Trained Housewife-3

It is just a guess, but I assume I do not have a large audience of husband or dad readers on this blog.  I do appreciate all the nice feedback I received in emails and on the post itself for my article on how family can use outdated information to make judgments about later interactions […]

Dad’s Corner

Amee and Michael

Many of you know my love for Superman.  Perhaps less known is my husband Michael, the Clark Kent of my life.  He is my real life superhero for the past twelve years.  Our courtship was fast and furious, and my only regret is I did not marry him sooner.  We experience wonderful as well as […]