Boiling Pot of Water A Stain Fighter?

Inspired-Housewife: Easiest Stain Fighter: Red Wine, Ketchup, Berry Stains

The other day I fed my kids a huge carton of red raspberries and somehow my mischievous five-year-old son walked off with his bowl.  My son is known to experiment with his food.  To my horror my son had taken his raspberries and stomped them into the floor.  The raspberries had been in my tan colored carpet for at least three or four hours before I noticed the stain.

The stain was BIG and bright red, but I knew a little trick my youngest sister taught me a couple of years ago.  You want to know my trick?  It is so simple and yet so effective.  I went to my kitchen, pulled out a sauce pan and filled it with water.

Inspired-Housewife: Easiest Stain Fighter: Red Wine, Ketchup, Berry Stains

Boiling Pot of Water A Stain Fighter?

  • Fill a 3 quart sauce pan with water
  • Place pot on stove and turn on high
  • Once water is at a rolling boil take off stove and with hot pads pour boiling hot water over the stained area. (Please use caution when using the boiling water if little ones or pets are around as they can get burnt)

That is all I had to do to watch that horrible ground in raspberry stain disappear before my very own eyes.  Then I took a towel and gently patted the carpet until all the water and seeds were gone.  The carpet looked like nothing more than water had spilled on it and it dried perfectly.

Inspired-Housewife: Easiest Stain Fighter: Red Wine, Ketchup, Berry StainsInspired-Housewife: Easiest Stain Fighter: Red Wine, Ketchup, Berry Stains

The Stains Boiling Water Will Fix:

  • Red Wine
  • Ketchup
  • Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries
  • Oily spots or marks (depends on what the oily spot came from, but I have been successful in getting oily spots out of my carpet as well.

You can even do this trick on clothing and watch the stain disappear.

I have used this method of getting rid of stains on all of the above and it even took out a three month old mashed in blueberry stains I never got to.

Hurry up I know you want to go and boil some water and try this magic stain fighter too!

Do you have any cool stain fighting tricks up your sleeve?  Comment below!

Disclaimer:  Inspired-Housewife is not at fault if you happen to spill boiled water on yourself.  This is only a helpful tip so no lawyers please! :)




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  1. Mary Lyman says

    Thanks so much for the tips! I am going to try this on a berry stain I have on my favorite shirt. I put it aside hoping to come across something to help and now I have it!

    Also, do you know anything that will remove yellowing from Sunblock on a white t-shirt? I might try the boil method!

    • says

      Hi Mary,

      I would mix up baking soda in a paste and rub it into the shirt and maybe add a drop of dish soap in the mix too. As for your shirt I hope it works because I have been able to get berry stains out of all my kids clothes. Usually the stains are no older than a day or so, but it never hurts to try. Thanks for the comment. :) Amee

  2. says

    love the dsclaimer…. lol

    you are fabulous… I cannot wait to try it on clothes; my family can’t wear something without staining, and The Sailor is the worst, it’s a good thing he is so cute.

    • says

      Ha fabulous lol you are kind. Well people are crazy so felt the need to add that in and I thought of the lady who purchased hot coffee from Mc Donalds and then sued them and won when she spilled it on herself :/ Hope this works for you! :) Amee

  3. Jan Jones says

    Just don’t do this on blood, it will set the stain! Always use cool water on blood. I’ve found that Greased Lightening, rubbed in with a Fels Naptha works well to get the blood out. No, I’m not an axe murderer, just the mother of a daughter who’s very prone to nose bleeds!!

    • says

      Hi Jan,

      LOL to your axe murder comment. No I would totally agree with you which is why I state which stains to use this for. Good to know about the Fels Naptha because that stuff works on baby poop and spit up stains too. Sorry your dd has nose bleeds, but thank you for the comment. :0) Amee

  4. Angela says

    I have actually had amazing results for a number of years using boiling water on blood stained clothes. As long as it’s a fresh stain, it comes right out!

  5. Jessica says

    Great post! Thanks so much. Will be trying this! Do you think this would work on carpet in a car? Or do you have something else to use on a stained carpet for a vehicle?

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