For Tristan’s Eyes Only!

Up Periscope

Today, my post is dedicated to my son Tristan. In celebration of National Autism Awareness Month, I created something on this blog for him to enjoy. I think perhaps only he will understand and experience the true joy of this post. Thanks Dieselducy!

Tristan, I hope you enjoy this post! Perhaps there are a few other elevator enthusiasts out there who will appreciate a location to watch a few videos on elevators, so perhaps not totally for Tristan’s eyes only.




















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  1. GR says

    This made me smile so much., I love it! My son, who’s name is also Tristan was just diagnosed with Autism. I might have to do something like this for him…it his case it would be math and car videos :)

    • says

      Glad you found this and what a wonderful name you chose for your son! I picked it from the James Harriet series and hugs to you on the diagnosis. It is only that and does not define your son at all. :) Amee

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