35 Things About Me on My 35th Birthday!

"Inspired-Housewife: 35 Things About Me on My 35th Birthday!
Yep two birthdays right in a row.  I made sure last year to walk my baby out before it was the 6th of December because no mom should have to share her birthday, let alone their child.  I thought it might be fun to tell you 35 things about me, as a way to get to know me a bit better.

  1. Jimmy Carter was President the year I was born.
  2. I am the middle child
  3. I have seven sisters my oldest is 18 years older than me and my youngest is 15 years younger!
  4. I competed in Miss Teen Nevada USA when I was 15 and Miss Teen USA Montana when 17 – lost both times, but learned how to walk in high heels and how to carry myself as a lady.
  5. I was class president in high school my junior year and yes I was/am an overachiever
  6. I worked for Wendy’s and Arby’s in my teen years and it is hard work so be nice to fast food workers.
  7. I attended five colleges and universities until I finally graduated from The University of Southern Maine.
  8. I bite my nails – they are long now, but it is an issue I struggle with since the age of four.
  9. I do not like to exercise, but I try to so I can stay around to see my kids get old.
  10. I married young, but knew from a very young age that is what I wanted to do.
  11. I am terrified of needles
  12. I am hypothyroid – I found out when trying to get pregnant with my son Tristan
  13. I did not get my ears pierced until I was 32 because I was scared.
  14. I had my last baby at home – yes it was planned!
  15. I love to cook and bake, but time is an issue.
  16. I like to mow my lawn because no one bothers me when I do it.
  17. I love cats, and can leave dogs.
  18. I love getting dressed up in fancy ball gowns and pretend to be Cinderella.
  19. I cloth diaper not to save money, but because my kids have sensitive butts.
  20. I have suffered from postpartum depression after all my babies (plan to write about this)
  21. I cried when I turned 25, but today I say BRING IT!
  22. I love to sing and recently joined a church and I am involved in their music.
  23. I love to experiment in my kitchen and with cleaning projects in my home.
  24. I am gluten free for my son and changing how we eat more and more.
  25. I am a perfectionist to a fault
  26. I have a hard time asking for help
  27. I recently started counseling because we all need a little help sometimes.
  28. I HATE keeping house I am horrible at it.
  29. I love playing with my kids.
  30. I love to sleep, but do not get much of it anymore.
  31. I pierced my nose a week ago for my birthday my family was shocked and to be honest so was I.
  32. I am Christian
  33. I am a mother to three beautiful kiddos and to two four legged kitties too.
  34. I love soaking in my big bathtub
  35. I wish I could have a hot stone massage everyday.


WOW that is a lot of stuff about me – I had to really think to come up with 35 items, but I hope it helps you get to know me a bit better.  Thank you for your support of my outlet and I pray you have a blessed holiday season with your families.

Happy Holidays,




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I am Amee, a housewife, mother, food lover, and DIY cleaner. I am a special needs parent and a woman's health advocate. I love my cats, shoes, chocolate, and Superman.
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  1. Roxann Hamilton says

    Wow great list. You did not include your favorite color BLUE!!! Well there is always next year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wow 35th. You are wonderful, sweet, beautiful and almost perfect. I am glad you are my baby. Mom

  2. Tiffany says

    Hi! Just came across your blog a little bit ago and it is great! I celebrated my 35th last Friday, but I do share it with my oldest daughter. We LOVE it! Reading through your list, we have alot in common:#6 I worked at Arby’s (16 yrs my first job) where I met my husband which led to #10 (20yrs). I also have a hard time asking for help #26 but am so very happy to be a Christian #32!! I am gluten free as well. God bless!

    • says

      Hi Tiffany,

      Happy Birthday back to you! I pray your 35th year is filled with many special memories and blessings. I look forward to this year because there are lots of big changes happening in my life.

      Yep good old Arby’s I cannot eat there ever because of working there, but then I am not really into fast food at all these days. Not good for the butt and hips region 😉 lol. I think that is great how we have so much in common it is a small world and thank you to commenting. Please post on my page wall would love to get to know you better.

      Hugs and Happy Holidays,


  3. says

    Happy Birthday to you! oh my goodness girl we have A LOT in common…. especially #35 :) ‘we’ really should get to have this done every day or every other day at the very least.

    I am so very grateful to be your friend. Happy Birthday. Amy

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